Harnessing emerging opportunities across India and growing them into success stories

As a lead investor, we target promising early-stage and expansion-stage investments as well as restructuring/buyout opportunities. We commit between $15 million to $35 million of equity in each transaction.

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is guided by the following broad principles:

  • Riding the India consumption story - We believe that rapid urbanization, higher disposable incomes, rising participation of women in the workforce and increasing adoption of technology will lead to the emergence of new segments of consumption.
  • Scalable, Asset-Light Domains - We prefer readily scalable models with low fixed cost bases as we believe that such models offer the best risk-adjusted returns in rapidly evolving environments. We do not invest in asset heavy sectors like real estate and infrastructure.
  • Entrepreneur Focus  - Peepul Capital is oriented to working with passionate first-generation entrepreneurs who are hungry for success
  • Active, Meaningful Partner - We are an active business partner to our portfolio companies. This entails being a significant shareholder, often a majority partner.