A fifteen year old investing journey

Peepul Capital LLC is an India focused, sector agnostic, growth-oriented private equity firm with ~USD 700 M under management. Founded in 2000, Peepul Capital is one of the front runners in the private equity landscape in India. Over the course of our investing journey in the last fifteen years, we are privileged to have been part of the growth journey of more than forty companies across diverse sectors.

Investing in the India growth story

Our investing philosophy and portfolio are centered round three key themes: - 1) emerging consumption patterns and behaviors that are driving a new set of consumer businesses 2) India’s engineering and applied science prowess to create world-class manufacturing & engineering companies and 3) new business models driven by increasing adoption of technology by both businesses and consumers.

Helping build strong organizations

The Peepul Investment Advisors team understands the dynamics of the Indian business culture, brings extensive operational experience across all major business functions and leverages its networks to help build strong management teams.